What is PUNCHit?

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Just punch it man, just punch it, go!

PUNCHit is a dedicated, single-purpose blender addon featuring a negative for the initial release manifold extrusion tool, that attempts to work more reliably and be more flexible, than Blender's native manifold extrusion.


MACHIN3tools DeusEx 1.0 will feature the exact same tool, among its many other tools.
Meaning existing DeusEx customers will receive this tool (not this addon) for free with the upcoming MACHIN3tools 1.0 release.


Keep in mind

If you need to get in touch with me to report an error, report tool misbehavior or have another problem SEE THIS FIRST.


Have questions or problems? See the FAQ.
To discuss using PUNCHit, please use the Blender Artists thread



  • Windows, MacOS or Linux
  • Blender 3.0 - 3.4 (stable)


If relevant, see notes on experimental Blender releases, MacOS and Arch Linux.

Latest PUNCHit

The latest version of PUNCHit is 1.0.0 - available on Gumroad and Blender Market.
See this page to learn what's new in the latest versions, or see the changelog for the full, detailed release history.

How to Install



shortcut SHIFT + E

PunchIt is used to create a negative, manifold extrusion along either the averaged face normal, the individual vertex normals or a user-defined edge.
Unlike Blender's native Extrusion tool, it can be used to punch through meshes, as well es subtractively extrude at the mesh silhouette.


Any number faces, but only the biggest island will be used
One or multiple connected Edges

Using PunchIt


The mesh object needs to be manifold, or the tool will complain.
You can use the CleanUp tool in MACHIN3tools to find non-manifold edges.