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  4. Usage


How is it done?

See the Installation guide and follow it precisely. Note the Blender version requirement.

Will PUNCHit work in experimental Blender builds?

Using experimental builds of Blender, you are at risk of encountering sudden failures of addons that used to work just fine the day before.

I can't make any guarantees if things will keep working. I can just try to fix things once they break. However, fixing things that break in experimental Blender builds will never be a priority, until the experimental build becomes stable.

Blender on MacOS

MacOS users should install Blender properly, by following the official instructions.
Avoid running it just from the Downloads folder!
Note that, for dragging of files and folders, you need to hold down the COMMAND key.
This will ensure AppTranslocation1 is avoided.

Blender on Arch Linux

Arch Linux users and users of other Arch based or similar rolling release distros are advised to use the official Blender builds.
The Blender package in the Community repository does not supply its own Python, and does not follow official recommendations.
As a consequence, the system's python version may not work with PUNCHit.

Get support


Note the Requirements in the installation guide.
Make sure you are using the latest version.
Confirm you've followed the installation instructions.

General information

To provide help, I need the following:

  1. Proof of Purchase
  2. system-info.txt

Please use the Get Support tool in the PUNCHit panel of the MACHIN3 tab in the 3D view's sidebar or addon preferences to create the system-info.txt and pil.log files, and for further instructions in the README.html file.


If you are seeing an error, please send me a screenshot of the system console.
Just an screenshot of the error message popup usually lacks context and is not ideal.
Instead of sending a screenshot, you can also copy and paste the console text into the email.

Keep in mind


On Windows you can turn on the console from Windows > 'Toggle System Console'.
On Linux and MacOS, you need start Blender from a terminal.
I do not need an image of Blender's Info View and I don't need to see Blender's Python Console either.

If the error only occurs on a certain model, please attach the blend file as well.
Please remove any part of the model that doesn't contribute to the problem to keep the file size down.

Tool misbehaviors

If you think the Punch It tool doesn't do what it should, please send me the blend file where the issue occurs. Please remove any part of the model that doesn't contribute to the problem to keep the file size small.


Use eMail, not twitter, not youtube, not artstation, not blender market, and not the Blender Artists thread for reporting of errors.

Other Addons

Why is there a PunchIt tool in MACHIN3tools DeusEx? Is it different?

No, it's exactly the same tool.

I think the the PunchIt tool is valuable on its own, hence I created the dedicated PUNCHit addon.
Despite MACHIN3tool's extreme modularity, some people seem hesitant to use/install addons with big feature sets.
So a small dedicated addon may be a better fit for them.
Also, people keep telling me they want to support my work, but have already bought everything. So this is an opportunity for them, other than patreon.

All updates to the PunchIt tool, will land first in this dedicated PUNCHit addon.


Why does the Alt + E Extrude menu not work for me?

If you use the Industry Compatible keymap, you need to create the keymap item firsts.
PUNCHit supplies a tool do this using a single click, accesed from the addon preferences.

How can I do a positive Extrusion?

You can't do it yet, but I'll explore this in the upcoming 1.1. release.

  1. Learn more about AppTranslocation