Blueprint/Schematic 03
Skybox (10 Themes)


  • Preview: Unity WebPlayer, Unity WebPlayer
  • Contents: 1 skybox design, 10 color variations
  • Image Format: .psd
  • Skybox Layout: cubemap, row
  • Resolution: 2k each side, 12288 x 2048 in total
  • Customize: text elements

The skyboxes are perfectly seamless. They wrap an infinite background around the viewer and resemble a blueprint or schematic, a pseudo technical drawing board if you want.
This is perfect, if you want to present assets/units in your game or application, such as on a unit customization screen, or a tech screen, etc.

The textures are provided in .psd format for 3 reasons:

  1. It's lossless and Unity reads it perfectly
  2. You can change or remove labels/typographic elements easily, as they are kept on seperate layers.
  3. You can export to any file format you need. Should you need help with this, get in touch.

Should you need a custom color variation, that is beyond what you can do with the provided .psd files, please also get in touch.

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