e-HG Scifi Hand Gun
3D Game Asset


  • Discuss: Unity Community
  • IMPORTANT: Deferred Rendering only!
  • Contents: pistol, fitting flashlight accessoire
  • Mesh Format: .fbx
  • Polygon Count(Triangles):
    Pistol: 8860
    Flashlight: 1788
  • Material Themes: 8
  • Textures:
    Gun: 3 x 1024 decal atlas textures, 1 x 512 surface mask
    Flashlight: 2 x 512, 1x 256 decal atlas textures, 1 x 512 surface mask
    4 x 256 tilable grunge maps (reusable)
    9 x 128 tileble detail maps (reusable)
  • Image Format: .png
  • PBR: Metall/Roughness
  • Customize:
    Surface Materials: color, roughness, metalness, grunge, edge wear on decals and geo, dirt on decals, geo and vertex colors
    Decal Materials: decal subset color, roughness, metalness, ao, simple wear, transparency

Offering semi- and full automatic firing modes, the gun can be used in a variety of strategic and combat scenarios, making the gun a perfect all rounder.
Extended with the supplied FLX-0 multi-spectrum flashlight you will be prepared perfectly for low visibility conditions.

This asset is quite detailed and created with an eye towards current and next-generation needs in the gaming and real-time film spaces.

This asset is built using deferred mesh decals and REQUIRES deferred rendering. It will not work in forward rendering!

8 material themes are supplied via prefabs. Additional themes can be created easily by tweaking various parameters in real time and at runtime and by assigning materials to areas of the asset.

Material Weathering is achieved using low-res tileable grunge maps, masked by medium resolution AO and Curvature bakes.

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