The Probe
3D Game Asset


  • Preview: Sketchfab, Sketchfab, Sketchfab, Sketchfab
  • Contents: probe asset made of 4 parts - main, inside, front(sensor) and back(thrusters); substance and default materials, PBR textures; prefabs
  • Mesh Format: .fbx
  • Polygon Count(Triangles):
    26K main + front + back
    35K main + insides + front + back
    18K main + insides
  • Textures: 4 Texturesets, each 2048 x 2048
    Fluting (Normal)
    substance specific masks
  • Image Format: .png
  • PBR: Metall/Roughness
  • Customize: substance materials, separate model parts

The Probe is a spherical, unmanned vehicle capable of floating and flying and comparable to a drone in its autonomous or remote controlled operation.

This asset is quite detailed and created with an eye towards current and next-generation needs in the gaming, VR and real-time film spaces.

While not specifically advertised as a modular asset, the probe is built from and provided as 4 basic mesh components:

  1. main
  2. inside (2 separate meshes - front and back)
  3. front(sensor)
  4. back(thrusters)

Each of those 4 main parts has its own texture-set and material.

Having the inside parts separated allows you to not render them, if you choose to have the front and back parts attached. This saves texture memory and avoids rendering unnecessary polygons.

At the same time it's giving you the flexibility to get more out of the asset as well as giving us the flexibility to potentially extend the asset in the future, although that completely depends on how The Probe performs on the asset store, so no promises. In case you would be interested in extensions to this asset of any kind, we welcome your input and suggestions either here or via email.

Materials for The Probe are provided in form of substance .sbsar files, which contain procedural materials allowing for significant customization.


  1. 2 main, plain material choices - painted metal and plastics
  2. a mix of both, where the plastic parts act as accents to the painted metal parts
  3. a 4th camouflage material
  4. emissive controls for each
  5. parametric dirt
  6. hero decal: use your own logo/icon on the model!

There's prefabs for The Probe in different assembly variations for substance materials as well es for default(static) materials.

The chart to the left provides an overview of the specific settings available and demonstrates some of the variations that can be achieved.

You can add parametric dirt to the materials and have control over the intensity(dirt level), as well as the contrast and grunge amount. Notice, that the dirt is not evenly distributed and will in fact be more pronounced in crevices, which is achieved through the supplied AO and curvature maps.

No matter the material choice, you have control over the emissive strength, as well as the emissive hue.

The front part allows for the activation of a hero decal, which can be any 512 by 512 image you supply.

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