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CURVEmachine can be seen as MESHmachine's little brother. It aims to make POLY Curve editing more flexible, and like MM's fillet toolset1, makes working with curve radii/arcs and non-circular blends essentially non-destructive.


The main tool in CURVEmachine that makes this possible, is the Blendulate tool, which allows you to create curve radii/arcs (or non-circular blends), change existing ones or merge them back to a single point again.

CURVEmachineMenu CURVEmachine menu mapped to Y2 by default, and the Single Point Poly Curve toool in the Add Object menu


Keep in mind

If you need to get in touch with me to report an error, report tool misbehavior or have another problem SEE THIS FIRST and contact me via email.


Have questions or problems? See the FAQ.
To discuss using CURVEmachine, please use the Blender Artists thread.
There is also a patreon exclusive Machine Army discord.


  • add a single point poly curve at the cursor's location to quickly start extruding a curve
  • create, edit or undo curve radii or non-circular blends
  • slide a curve point along its previous or next segment
  • merge to the last selected point or to the center of the selection, including across two splines
  • shuffle the gap of a spline to another location
  • adjust curve thickness, extrusion and resolution, and toggle spline cyclicity
  • interpolate curve point thickness and tilt
  • connect two splines

  1. Tools like Fuse, Unfuse, Refuse, Unchamfer, and Unbevel

  2. Y key in Edit Curve mode!