shortcut dw (all) (with nothing selected) shortcut dd (decals) (with nothing selected)
shortcut dn (none)

DECALmachine provides 3 ways to quickly change wireframe display behavior. You can chose to draw wireframes on all scene objects, only on decals or no wireframes at all on any object.

Showing wireframes tends to be useful especially for Decal Slicing and proper positioning of cutting objects as well as for making out decal geometry and selecting it in Solid mode. At the same time, wireframes can get a bit in the way when evaluating design choices.


shortcut dd (one object with bevel modifier selected)

(D)Step requires HardOps and executes (C)Step on the selected object, if it has a bevel modifier. More so, it creates a backup(source) of the object before the bevel modifier was applied, which can than be recovered using the Extract Source tool.
(D)Step also puts you directly into edit mode, as that's usually the reason for stepping in the first place - wanting to edit bevel geometry.


(D)Stepping an object a second time and then using Extract Source will bring back only the second source - the first one will be orphaned. In future you'll hopefully be able to bring back the entire history of (D)Stepped object states.

Remove Duplicates

shortcut dr

If you keep importing the same decals using append or Asset Management, you will accumulate texture duplicates with 0 users. These should be removed automatically, when you save and re-open the scene, but you can also use Remove Duplicates to do it immediately. This avoids clutter, should you need to do work in the image editor.

Remove Orphans

shortcut do

If you delete either a projected decal, a panel decal or a material decal, the source will still be stored in the blend file, but is now of no use and can't be accessed anymore. Use Remove Orphans to get rid of all orphan sources.

Update Decal Nodes

Introduced in version, 1.4.1 Update Decal Nodes is run from the spacebar menu and ensures scenes created before 1.4.1 stay compatible with the Blender 2.79 changes in regards to materials, specifically the addition of the Principled BSDF shader.

Running Update Decal Nodes will update all existing decal materials in a scene to support PBR shaders.
This tool is also automatically run on new Decals being inserted into a scene from the Asset Loaders, as any Decals created before 1.4.1 naturally don't support the Principled BSDF shader and so need to be updated.


You need to run this, when working in Blender 2.79 on scenes created with DECALmachine 1.4 or earlier, if you want to use the Match Material tool.

Debug Mode

With Debug Mode on, there will be more verbose terminal output for some tools, like Decal Slice. This can be useful for bug reports.

Extra Options

The Extra Options checkbox provides some additional tools.


Remove Decal Mode

If enabled, changes the Insert Button above the asset loaders into !!! REMOVE !!! buttons.


Be extremely careful with this! Removing a Decal this way removes it permanently from the disk. The decal that is removed is the decal currently shown in the asset loader.
To remove another one, first load it into the scene, by clicking on the thumbnail and selecting a decal from the popup.
The thumbnail will update and the !!! REMOVE !!! button - when pressed - will delete the decal that's now beeing shown as a thumbnail. This action can not be undone!


With nothing selected, you can globally turn the parallax effect on or off for all decals currently in the scene. Alternatively, with a selection you can toggle the parallax effect for the materials applied to the selected objects.


Toggling will turn the effect on, if it is off, and turn it off, if it is on. This can lead to unwanted results, if your selection already has mixed parallax states. You can always use the global switch, to get consistent parallax states across all objects.

Glossy Rays

Shadow casting is turned off for all decals, by default. Despite that, sometimes, when zoomed in very closely or when the decal height is increased, you might see, what looks like a shadow, but it's actually a reflection. You can turn this off or on globally when nothing is selected, or toggle it for the selected objects.

Keep in mind

With glossy rays off turned off, the affected decals will not show up in any reflection anywhere.

(W)Step - Remove Sharps

Determines if sharp edes are removed for Decal Projections.


This is likely obsolete and will be removed in the coming versions, unless an unforsee usecase develops.