Please make sure you have the latest version installled.


All user created Decals can be found in the 'assets/CustomDecals' folder.

Batch Decals

externally baked, bulk decal creation


  • bake your maps and put them into the DECALmachine/assets/create/batch folder
  • open DECAL_create.blend file and run the script


Alternatively, you can also try non-baking methods to create your maps. For instance, you can use tools like Substance Designer or Quixel Suite to generate your maps.


To make this work flawlessly, make sure to follow this naming scheme:


  • %decalname is any word or number or combination thereof you choose, it's needed to differentiate between multiple bakes in the same folder
  • %texturetype is any one of the following: ao, curvature, height, normal, id or color


  • screw_ao.png
  • screw_id.png
  • screw_normal.png

You can also do something like: bolt_2_inches_damaged_normal.png, where everything before _normal.png will be considered the name of the decal.


Only use the following characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and _(underscore).
Files using characters other than those, will be skipped.


There's no need to add a counter to the front of the name, DECALmachine does it automatically, based on the previous decals you have in your library.
This is required for proper sorting in the asset loaders.

Decal Types

DECALmachine will figure out the decal type via the maps that you supply.

INFO decals require a color map, wich can be transparent
SUBTRACTOR decals require an ao, curvature, height and normal map
SUBSET decals require an ao, curvature, height, normal and ID map
PANEL decals require an ao, curvature and normal map


The 64 - 256 range is reasonable, paneling can be around 64 or even smaller, if it doesn't contain much detail.

Keep in mind

Decals are often small or tiny details, so there's no reason to spend 512 on a screw for instance, especially if you are targeting a real time platform.


Don't force square resolutions for non-square decals. Forcing square resolutions - while working fine - will result in wasted space in the decal atlas.