Add & Apply Boolean

shortcut ya object mode

MESHmachine provides a quick way to add boolean modifiers, as well as apply them.
If you apply boolean modifers this way, MESHmachine will automatically create stashes from operant objects.

Split Mode

Version 0.8 of MESHmachine introduced the Split Boolean mode, which in addition to setting up the boolean modifiers, also creates a duplicate of the active object, to create the second, split-away part. Splitting will leave the object meshes, as well as the cutter meshes as instances.
This means it's easy to adjust the active object's mesh or the cutter after a split was performed, and the changes will automatically carry through to the other part.

To get rid of the instances, you can use the new Make Unique tool.
Boolean Apply will also correctly deal with instanced splt parts.


At least 2 objects, whith one being active, when adding a boolean modifier
One or multiple objects with existing boolean modifiers when applying the modifiers

Using Add & Apply Boolean


shortcut yd object mode

Duplicate Boolean is used to duplicate or instance objects using booleans.
As of version 0.10 this is fully recursive, meaning it will work correctly even if the operand objects aka cutters themselves use boolen modifiers.
The tool is especially useful if cutters - are hidden, as you still only need to have the main object selected.


Default: Duplicate the selected objects and all its cutters
ALT: Create instances instead of duplicates


At least 1 object with a boolean modifier

Make Unique

shortcut ym object mode

Make Unique is a tool specifically created to deal with Split Booleans, or rather the instanced meshes they create.
It can also be used for instanced booleans created by the Duplicate Boolean tool.


Any number of objects using an instanced mesh