Plug Creation

The Create Plug tool is used to create a complete plug from one or multiple mesh objects.

Every plug consists of exactly one plug mesh and one plug handle.
Optionally, there can be any number of secondaray subset mesh objects.


In object mode, select one or multiple mesh objeects. The active (last selected) object will become the plug mesh, any additional objects will become plug subets.
The Create Plug tool will then create the plug handle from the plug mesh, but only in part.
You will have to finish the plug handle yourself, taking care to create roughly even topology and to avoid ngons.

Using Create Plug

Validate Plug

The Validate Plug tool is used to check a plug for errors and confirm everything is in order.
It will analyze and list all a plug contents and properties.

In addtion, it can hide support objects such as Deformers and Occluders and generate new UUIDs.



Any object can be selected. For the tool to find all a plug's components, you should select the plug handle however.

Add Plug to Library

Once a plug is confirmed to be working, it can be added to any Plug library, that isn't locked, using the Add Plug to Library tool.



Select the plug handle.