shortcut Alt + x edit mode

The Symmetrize tool extends blender's native Symmetrize with the ability to mirror custom normals.
Since MESHmachine 0.7, it comes with a flick mode, that allows you to mirror in all 6 object space directions, from a single keymap.


Mirroring custom normals can be very tricky on the center edge loop.
MESHmachine's Symmetrize provides options to deal with this, but they are imperfect and often custom normals will need to be fixed manually in the center region.


Version 0.10 introduced a Remove mode, that allows you to remove half the mesh in the chosen direction. Once the tool is active, you can toggle between Symmetrize and Remove using the X key.

SymmetrizeRemove the HUD changes accordingly to represent Remove mode

The same version also introduced the ability to symmetrize (or remove) only the selected parts of a mesh. This behavior is toggled using the S key when the tool is active.

PartialSymmetrize partially Symmetrizing only the selected parts


Normally, no selection is required, and the entire mesh will be symmetrized.
If you want to symmetrize only a specific part, select it and toggle on Selected mode using the S key.

Using Symmetrize