In the addon preferences, you can adjust keymaps and various settings governing MESHmachine behavior and appeareance. The Plugs tab allows you can manage your Plug libraries.

Legacy Line Smoothing


With the switch in version 0.9 to utilizing the gpu module instead of the bgl module (due to its planed removal), any lines drawn by MESHmachine in the 3D view will be jagged.

To avoid this, you can enable Legacy Line Smoothing in the addon preferences. This will continue to work for as long as the bgl module is still supplied with Blender.

Experimental Features

ExperimentalFeatures Use Legacy Line Smoothing in the VIEW3D section

As of version 0.7, MESHmachine offers a few experimental features, that can be enabled in the addon preferences.

  1. a new approach for transfering normals next to sharp edges
  2. a flip option for Boolean Cleanup, useful for mesh cut/knife intersect topology
  3. the Offset Cut tool


Experimental features are regarded as unfinished, largely untested, completely undocumented and excluded from product support.
Use at your own risk.