• Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Blender 3.6 LTS, 4.1 Stable

Experimental Builds

Experimental Blender builds such as 4.2-alpha are not supported, and fixing any issues related to them, will not be a priority, but reporting them is still encouraged.

Blender on MacOS

MacOS users should install Blender properly, by following the official instructions.
Avoid running it just from the Downloads folder!
Note that, for dragging of files and folders, you need to hold down the COMMAND key.
This will ensure AppTranslocation1 is avoided.

Blender on Arch Linux

Arch Linux users and users of other Arch based or similar rolling release distros are advised to use the official Blender builds.
The Blender package in the Community repository does not supply its own Python, and does not follow official recommendations.
As a consequence, the system's python version may not work with MESHmachine.

Latest MESHmachine

The latest version of MESHmachine is 0.15.4 - available on Gumroad and Blender Market.
See this page the learn what's new in the latest versions, or see the changelog for the full release history.


1. Fresh Installation

NO previous version of MESHmachine installed

2. Update Installation

previous version of MESHmachine installed already


The video below applies to updating from MESHmachine 0.15.0 (or later).
If you are updating from an earlier version of MESHmachine, that doesn't have the Integrated Updater yet, please see these legacy update instructions.

  1. Learn more about AppTranslocation