What is MACHIN3tools?

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MACHIN3tools is a free, continuously evolving collection of blender tools and pie menus in a single customizable package.
It's aimed at streamlining common and mostly basic Blender tasks.

As of version 0.8, there is also a paid version with a few additional features.


The following videos on versions 0.3, 0.3.13 and 0.3.14 will have to serve as a general introduction for now.
Despite their 0.3.x versions, they are still very relevant. The versioning approach since 0.4 follows semantic versioning principles, meaning the second digit moves up quicker now, and the third one is reserved for bug fixes only.

Updated videos covering everything there is to know about MACHIN3tools 0.8 are being worked on as time permits.

The What's New? and Changelog pages are a great resource to get up to speed with the latest changes.
The changelog is written extra verbose so as to serve as light documentation.



Deus Ex


  • in Blender 2.93 or Blender 3.0, from the zip file
  • or manually, in the filebrowser
    • great when updating, as it keeps all previous addon preferences
    • see MESHmachine installation for reference, it's the same process for any addon




Most of these tools are accessed via keymaps, that can be adjusted in the addon preferences. Others are accessed via the object or edit mode context menus.
Smart Drive and Unity Export are accessed from the 3D View's sidepanel, while Cursor Spin is found in the Extrude menu.

  • Smart Vert
  • Smart Edge
  • Smart Face
  • Clean Up
  • Clipping Toggle
  • Focus
  • Mirror and Un-Mirror
  • Align
  • Apply Transformations
  • Select Helpers
  • MeshCut
  • Filebrowser tools
  • Smart Drive
  • Material Picker
  • Unity Export
  • Group tools
  • Add Thread
  • Cursor Spin
  • Toggle Smooth
  • Edge Constraint Deus Ex
  • Customize

Pie Menus


Pie menus in MACHIN3tools, typically provide a whole set of new custom tools themselves, they are not just a re-arrangement of native Blender tools.
These tools are not mentioned above, but there are dozens of them. The Cursor and Origin pie is a great example, but it's similar for most other menus.

  • Modes Pie
  • Save Pie
  • Shading Pie
  • Views Pie
  • Align Pie
  • Cursor and Origin Pie
  • Transform Pie
  • Snapping Pie
  • Collections Pie
  • Workspace Pie
  • Tools Pie


  • Quad Sphere

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