Modes Pie

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The Modes Pie is used to switch between the various modes Blender offers.
In addition, the pie also exposes useful tools and options in some cases.

PieModesObject a mesh object in object mode

PieModesEditMesh a mesh object in edit mode, with Surface Slide, Occlude/Passthrough and Auto Merge toggles

What modes modes and related toops and options are availabe, depends on the selected object type.

PieModesGreasePencil modes of a grease pencil object, with quick access to some modifiers and a custom Shrinkwrap tool


The Modes Pie features some automated behavior, which you can adjust in the addon preferences.


Using the Modes Pie


This is an old video, and some of the features described above are not yet present.
Also, the Rotate Around Selection feature has been removed since.

Surface Draw Pseudo-Mode

There is a pseudo-mode called Surface Draw, which is used to draw grease pencil lines on the surface of mesh objects.

Not only is this useful for DECALmachine's GPanel tool, it's also a great design tool akin to tape drawing.