Align Pie

shortcut ALT + A edit mode

The Align Pie offers various mesh alignment options.

It has two modes: View based and Axis based, the latter being the legacy approach, and the former offering a better user experience, in my opinion.
The mode can be switched directly from the pie itself.


Make sure to check the tooltips of the align tools!
Modifier keys offer ways to set the alignment space to Local, World or Cursor

PieALignViewMode in view mode, the align axis is picked based on the chosen viewport direction

PieALignAxisMode in axis mode, the user has to deliberately pick the align axis


  • View/Axis based Min/Max alignment
  • Averaging aka Median alignment
  • Zeroing
  • Cursor alignment
  • Straightening
  • with 2 objects in edit mode: Object to Vert alignment
  • with 2 objects in edit mode: Object to Edge alignment

Using the Align Pie


This is an old video and does not cover all the features described avove.