MACHIN3tools is highly modular. While it offers many pie menus and tools, only 1 menu, and 1 tool are activated by default, in an effort to not overwhelm the user.

Once MACHIN3tools is installed/registered the user is greeted by these preferences.

PreferencesGeneral the General tab allows activating various tools and pie menus, and exposes related preferences

With only the Focus tool and the Modes Pie being activated, these are the default keymaps associated with them.

PreferencesKeymaps the Keymaps tab allows adjusting addon-set keymappings for activated tools and pie menus


It is important to understand, that MACHIN3tools - like any other addon - does not overwrite any user created keymaps.
If an addon defines a keymapping that is used already, the addon keymap will take precendence, as it registers later, but the original keymap is not lost, it still exists.
The user has two options: 1. Deactivate the addon keymap or 2. map either to to a different key.

The activation of the various tools and pie menus happens at runtime and is what makes MACHIN3tools so modular, as only the chosen parts will be loaded and exposed to the user. This makes MACHIN3tools very light weight, if only a few tools/menus are active. That is not to say, that it slows down Blender in any way, if everything is activated though.

PreferencesAbout the About tab contains a few links to social media and my other addons

Activating Tools or Pie Menus