Deus Ex

MACHIN3tools has always been about simple tools to supplement, tweak, improve or fix Blender behavior and usability. Simple in terms of usability, but also implementation.

Despite considerable development time spent on the entire tool and menu set over the years, it has always been free1, and that won't change.

However, version 0.8 introduces the Edge Constrained Transform. And while this tool is simple to use, it's implementation is far more complex than any other tool in MACHIN3tools. It's more complex than almost all MESHmachine and DECALmachine tools.

It's a tool, that in terms of development effort could have gone into MESHmachine, but it doesn't really fit into that tool set, and it's too basic in terms of usability.
It could be it's own addon, but that seems inconvenient for me and you.

That's why I feel like it's warranted to introduce a low-priced-but-paid-nonetheless MACHIN3tools version called Deus Ex. For now, the only difference to the Standard version is the additional Edge Constrained Transform tool.
In future this may change. Since this tool required the implementation of a rotation and scale transformation tool from the ground up, it opens up a number of transform related opportunties in regards to where this could be taken.


Users who have donated the suggested price of 3.50+ in the past, will receive a full discount for MACHIN3tools Deus Ex. If you haven't received yours yet, get in touch via email.


A new addition in 0.8 is the ToggleSmooth tool, which on a key press2 turns a flat shaded object into a smooth shaded object.
It supports two workflows - Korean Bevel and SubD (if a subd mod is present), works in edit mode and supports multi-object selections in object mode.

KoreanBevelSmoothing Korean Bevel Smoothing, by default Overlays are toggled as well

SubDSmoothing SubD Smoothing of a single mesh, and entire groups, by default Overlays are not changed

The Cleanup tool, now features a fading HUD, informing you what, if any, geometry has been removed.


Finally, SmartVert's SlideExtend feature has been enhanced twofold, which you can see demoed in this tweet.

  1. You can now slide/extend from edge mode, in which case the mouse position is used to determine, which vert - so which side of an edge - is extend.
  2. Edge snapping has been supported since version 0.5. Now you can snap to faces as well. Note, that snapping here works for all edit mesh objects.

Check out the changelog for details on all changes.

Thanks to everyone who has supported MACHIN3tools in the past, may it be through comments, suggestions, recommendations, ratings or donations. I appreciate it, and hope you can consider supporting the Deus Ex version too.

  1. Blender Market has a minimum price requirement, but let's agree, that 1 USD is still essentially free. If you disagree, get in touch via email. 

  2. Windows users beware, it's ALT + TAB by default, so you may want to change that