• Align pie
    • add View mode
    • add Center tool
    • add Straighten tool
  • UV Align pie add view mode
  • Save pie - LoadPrevious and LoadNext tools
    • add alternative "don't load ui" mode
  • raise blender version to 2.81 due to the 'affect only' Transform pie options



  • add Transform pie
    • pivots, orientations and 'affect only'
  • add UV Align pie menu
  • Shading pie
    • add Eevee presets
    • add ToggleObjectAxes tool
    • fix grid toggle in non-side-view ortho views
  • Align pie
    • add AlignObjectToEdge tool
  • Save pie
    • AppendMaterial tool
      • avoid duplicate material appending in object's material stack, re-use existing material slot indices
    • LoadNext and LoadPrevious tools - warn if current file is unsaved
  • Cursor pie
    • add CursorToSelected tool (cursor rotation support)
  • Workspace pie
    • maintain viewport location, rotation and distance when changing workspaces
    • support switching to alternative workspaces
      • maintain shading when switching to and from alternative workspace
  • Modes pie
    • UV Editor - create UV channel if none is present, when entering UV editing
    • fix potential performance issue (on Windows only?) with Modes pie due to addon checks
  • add Open tool
    • in Blender's filebrowser, open current folder in system's file browser when O is pressed
  • Focus tool
    • add ViewSelected mode, mapped to F by default
  • Mirror + Unmirror tools
    • support grease pencil objects
  • Mirror tool
    • fix drawing bisect_z and flip_z in operator properties
  • MeshCut tool
    • in SEAM mode, mark edges as 'MESHCUT' (in addition to marking them seams as before)
    • remove straight 2-edged verts for SEAM(SHIFT) cuts
  • CleanUp tool
    • remove ALL straight edged verts based on the angle threshold, not just the outside verts
  • Customize tool
    • clean out startup scene



  • MeshCut
    • redo internals and improve performance
  • Save pie
    • reverse material order, when using Populate to bring in materials list from another blend
  • Modes pie
    • support opening blends from linked objects in subprocess
  • Customize
    • update full screen keymapping, due to API changes
    • update loop and ring selection keymappings, due to API changes
  • fix issue when removing old version and installing new one in the same Blender session
  • fix broken Views and Collections pie's due to API changes



  • add QuadSphere object
  • Views pie
    • add custom Perspective/Ortho Toggle
      • toggles viewport between Perspective or Orthographic
        • if preferences.inputs.use_auto_perspective is enabled, it will be turned of when going into ortho
        • it will be re-enabled when going into perspective again
        • this ensures the viewport doesn't go into perspective automatically, when rotating out of front, side or top view ortho views, unless you've been in perspective mode before
  • Modes pie
    • add "pseudo-mode" SurfaceDraw
    • select an object, press the Pencil button in the modes pie
    • this creates a gpencil object and parents it to the active, and sets it up for surface drawing
    • if there is already a GPencil child on the active, create a new 'SurfaceLayer' instead
    • with SHIFT pressed, the Line shape is selected
    • perfect for DECAlmachine's GPanel tool, but generally useful to quickly draw on surfaces
  • SmartEdge
    • add toggle sharp mode, keymapped to shift + 2
  • Shading pie
    • add show_edge_seams toggle
    • ToggleGrid
      • add support ortho front, top, right, etc. views
    • add alternative modes for Smooth and Flat Toggles
      • ALT Smooth sets sharp edges based on auto smooth angle
      • ALT Flat removes all sharps, seams, bevel weights and creases
      • both can be run from object and edit mode and always affect the entire mesh
  • Customize
    • set overlay.wireframe_threshold to 0.99 instead of the default 1
      • otherwise obj.show_all_edges has no effect
      • useful for hiding the internal edges on MEShmachine's plug handles
    • disable preference auto-save
    • fix error due to Blender API change
  • fix MeshCut issue due to recent depsgraph changes
  • tweak theme



  • redo ClippingToggle tool
    • allow custom min, med and max values
  • Customize tool
    • remap mesh.merge default keymap from Alt + M to M to make room for HardOps's material menu in edit mode
    • deactivate VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_select_mode keymapping in the MESH keymap
  • Focus tool
    • fix issue when leaving local view and there's no history
  • Collections pie
    • add visibility toggles
  • Save pie - Append Material
    • if DM is present, don't apply materials to decals
    • fix issue when empties or other unsupported objects are among the selection
    • fix UI list issue due to API change
  • Modes pie
    • update GroupPro main menu idname



  • add MeshCut tool
    • knife intersect at object level
    • optionally flatten target's modifier stack
    • optionally mark seams
  • Save pie: Append Materials Menu
    • avoid appending material, if it's already in the scene, except when shift is pressed
    • so now the menu can be used to apply the listed materials (repeatedly), without creating duplicates
  • AlignEditMesh
    • support redo last
  • Customize
    • disable screen.animation_play kmi's (Alt + A)
    • disable view3d.object_mode_pie_or_toggle kmi
  • fix registration error due to strict enforcement of idnames in blender b24a255ca678
  • fix issue with runtime Apply tool registration



  • Focus
    • rewrite, use new local_view API tools
  • Align
    • add Origin and Cursor align modes
  • fix registration issue due to recent API change



  • add Collections pie
    • mapped to shift + C
    • add to, remove from, move to and create new and purge empty collections
    • select a collection's objects and with SHIFT select all a collection's objects
    • with ALT subtract a collection's objects from selection, with SHIFT + ALT do the same for all objects of a collection
    • with CTRL disable viewport selection of a collection's objects(but not the collection itself)
    • GroupPro, BatchOps and DECALmachine integration
  • add ApplyTransformations tool (specials menu)
    • apply Scale and/or Rotation of selected objects, while keeping Child transformations and Bevel width values intact
  • add SelectCenterObjects tool (specials menu)
    • first of potentially more selection tools
    • selects objects if their bounding box crosses both sides of the chosen axis
  • Views and Cams pie
    • make Orthographic/Perspective button and lens prop context sensitive: adjust camera if view is aligned with one
  • Shading pie
    • Colorize Objects based on Collection membership
    • add wireframe_color_type selection
  • Customize
    • map F key to focus on active in outliner
    • disable SHIFT + X object mode delete keymap item
    • fix keymap + use_save_prompt issues due to API changes
  • Align pie
    • fix CursorToOrigin issues due to API changes
  • Modes pie
    • remember pass_through and show_edit_mesh_wire states when leaving edit mode
    • re-enable xray shading accordingly the next time entering edit mode
    • support loading external blends of linked instance collections in subprocess
  • Focus
    • for local view, use frame_selected=False
  • Save pie
    • add incremental save path to recent files list
  • SmartVert
    • add execute() to allow for redoing/tool properties to work



  • add UnMirror
    • removes last mirror mod in the stack of the selected objects, works on mirrored Group Prop collections as well
  • add Object Specials menu
    • includes only UnMirror for now
  • Shading pie
    • support object coloring
    • add Colorize from Active
    • add Colorize from Materials
  • Align pie
    • fix issue due to Blender API change
    • add CursorToOrigin op
      • unlike view3d.snap_cursor_to_center(), CursorToOrigin also resets the cursor rotation
  • Modes pie
    • improve Group Pro integration
  • Focus
    • add alternative Local View mode, performs better in heavy scenes
  • Mirror
    • support mirroring Group Pro collections, incl. with Decals
  • Align
    • support dropping empties to the floor
  • Customize
    • fix mirror keymap issue with selection tool
    • fix issue with HEADER position due to API change



  • Modes pie
    • fix issue in pose and edit armature modes



  • Shading pie
    • fix template icon scaling issue due to recent change in template_icon_view()
  • Modes pie
    • add GroupPro pie button, if it's installed
    • add mode switch buttons for TEXTURE_PAINT, WEIGHT_PAINT, VERTEX_PAINT and SCULPT for MESH objects
    • add support for CURVE, FONT, SURFACE, META, LATTICE object types
    • add GPENCIL support
    • move Occlude/PassThrough button to the bottom left
    • fix issue where cavity was enabled when leaving edit mode, even if it was turned off before entering edit mode
  • Save pie
    • fix issue when appending ALL materials
  • Smart Vert
    • rebuild Slide Extend
  • Mirror
    • add support for decals
    • support single object mirroring and expose bisect and flip settings in that case
    • support mirroring Decals
  • Customize
    • update preference customization according to latest API and layout changes
    • overlay: set vertex_opacity = 1
  • tweak theme



  • Savepie - Append Materials
    • add Populate tool to fetch material names from source blend file
    • add AddSeparator tool
    • automatically add a material name, that is typed in manually, once return key is pressed
    • fix error in Append menu, when appendmats collection is empty
  • adapt to API changes:
    • fix context.user_preferences errors
    • fix overlay.show_backface_culling errors
    • fix cursor keymap error
  • update theme



  • allow material appending in edit mode with edit mesh selection
  • update Customize
    • Matcaps and Default Shading
      • disable setting shading type to SOLID to avoid crash since Blender 1b870bce85d
    • Keymaps
      • set 3D View set_cursor kmi's orientation property to GEOM
  • SmartFace
    • fix distance sorting error
  • Shadingpie
    • reset xray_alpha to 0.5 wen leaving edit mode
  • Preferences - Modes pie
    • disable Rotate Around Selection by default



  • Shading pie:
    • add Curvature toggle
    • allow eevee gtao factor dragging beyond 1
  • tweak theme
  • fix 2.7x keymap preset loading on MacOS
  • fix edit mesh wire toggle and occlude/pass through toggle not updating when leaving edit mode with x ray enabled



  • fix world path issue on Windows



  • fix matcap path issue on Windows



  • add cavity toggle to modes pie
  • allow flexible addon folder naming



  • initial 2.80 release