Toggle Region

shortcut T in 3D View and Asset Browser

Toggle Region toggles a 3D View's toolbar, sidebar and up to 2 asset browsers (bottom and top) with a single T keypress, depending on the mouse location on the view.

Toggling the new-in-Blender-4.0 Asset Shelf is supported too, IF a Shelf is present on the 3D view, and IF toggling the shelf is enabled in the Toggle Region addon prefs

Keep in mind

The Focus for now is on the 3D View and Asset Browser.
No other "space types" are supported at this point.


The following settings are exposed and can be adjusted in the addon preferences.


Using Toggle Region


There is one small issue you will encounter on a new 3D view, where the tool has never before created an asset browser split.

A hint with instructions about how to fix it, will be drawn in the 3D view. Hints

Fixing this is only required once per 3D View or workspace, if you save your .blend file.

Keep in mind

There is a second potential issue, if you have an area above your 3D view, that has exactly the same width.
Closing your asset browser may then result in that other area growing, instead of your 3D View.
The way to deal with this, is by simply closing that other area, and opening it again manually.

This too is only required once.