shortcut SHIFT + ALT + X object mode

The Mirror tool has gotten a new modal frontend in version 1.1. This allows flick mirroring in the same way MESHmachine does flick symmetry, and it's done with a single keymap instead of three as before.


The statusbar conveniently displays the available modal key options depending on the situation.

Add Mirror

You can call the tool with a single keymap now - a HUD will appear, and you can choose the mirror direction.

Mirror move the mouse in the direction of one of the axis until your hit the circle to add a mirror mod

MirrorAcrossObject with multiple objects selected, the active object will be mirrored across

MirrorAcrossNewCursor with the C key you can toggle Cursor mirroring, which will create an empty at the cursor

MirrorAcrossExistingCursor if an existing empty at the cursor exists, it will be re-used.


You can toggle this behavior using the E key, which will then force the creation of a new cursor empty.

Remove Mirror

With existing mirror mods on the active object present, you can go into remove mode using the X or D keys.

Remove in this mode picking an axis will remove the last mod in stack that uses the chosen axis

Note that, if a mirror mod uses an object that has a misaligned orientation compared to the object that is mirrored, then this object will be highlighted in the 3d view, and the axes will be shown accord to that misaligned object. RemoveMisalignedObject

Keep in mind

With multiple mirror mods like this in the stack, you can scroll through these misaligned objects.
This is necessary because the flick axes need to properly represent the mirror axes in 3d space.

RemoveMisalignedCursor misaligned cursor empties will be shown light this, the actual empty is hidden here

Finally, you can also remove all mirror mods of all selected objects by using the A key.


Any number of mesh objects or grease pencil objects.


The tool will recognize DECALmachine's Decals and automatically adjust the Mirror mods to also flip the UVs

Using Mirror


The Unmirror tool simply removes the last mirror modifier in the stacks of the selected objects.


With the 1.1 release, this tool is more or less obsolete, as the Mirror tool itself can remove mirror mods, and not just the last one in the stack, but the last one that matches a chosen axis. As such it will most likely be removed in upcoming releases.

Object Context Menu

Using Un-Mirror


This is an old video, there no longer is support for Group Pro groups.
Mirroring MACHIN3tools groups already works as you'd expect.