Adjust Decal

shortcut DA in object mode
shortcut DAW to adjust panel decal width
shortcut DA + scroll to rotate a decal
check out the hints in the tool's modal HUD for more

Adjust Decal is a Decal-Swiss-Army-Knife. Using it, you can manipulate various Decal Properties.


  1. When changing the width of a Panel Decal, Adjust Decal will update the default panel width value in the pie menu, used by the Slice/GPanel/EPanel tools.
  2. Similarly, if you change the material/type of a Panel Decal using Adjust, the Slice/GPanel/EPanel tools will remember that choice and use that same material for the next Panel Decal.


Any number of Decal objects, including a mix of different types.
Non-decal objects can be among the selection and will be ignored.

Using Adjust Decal


There are various Decal related default settings, that can be accessed in the DECALmachine Panel.


And there is quite a bit of overlap between the panel's defaults and the properties in the Adjust tool.
But while Adjust works on the current selection of objects, the settings in the panel change Decal properties scene-wide.

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