shortcut DR in object mode

Applying a Decal is a new concept introduced in DECALmachine 1.8.
It refers to a proccess of 3 things:

  1. Auto-Material-Match a Decal
  2. Parent a Decal
  3. Setup the Normal Transfer

This process happens automatically, when bringing a decal into the scene via the Asset Loaders, but it can also be done manually, using the Re-Apply tool.


Any number of Decal objects.
Optionally a non-decal object - selected last - to force-apply the Decal(s) to this very object, instead of having DECALmachine find the target object(s) itself.


Default: Re-Apply Decal to (new) Object.
ALT: Forcibly auto-match Decal material, even if a specific material is chosen in the Panel.

Using Re-Apply