Update Decal Libraries

Decals created with earlier DECALmachine versions, such as 1.8, 1.9 and 2.0 need to be updated before they can be used in DECALmachine 2.1.

The tools to do so are located in the Update Decals panel.


To skip updating Decals from version, just remove the individual Decal's folder.

DECALmachine 1.4.x Decals

As of version 2.1, Decals from version 1.4 can no longer be updated.
Maintaining update paths for multiple different versions is unfortunately not feasible.

The last version capable of updating 1.4 legacy Decals was DECALmachine 2.0.1, released over 2.5 years after the last 1.4.x release.

DECALmachine 1.8-1.9.4 Decals

DECALmachine 2.0.x Decals

The process for updating Decals from version 2.0.x is identical to the one described above. The tool to do so, can be found in the 2.0.x panel.


Trim Sheet Libraries can also be updated using the tool.
The only difference is, you don't need to select a target library. Instead a new one just for this sheet will be created automatically.

Batch Updating

As of version 2.1, DECALmachine can batch update multiple Decal libraries from multiple versions in one go.
All decals created in versions 1.8 - 2.0.1 are supported.
To batch update them all at once, make sure to place them in the decals folder in your assets path.

in the Update Panel

BatchUpdateDecalLibrariesPanel batch update legacy decal libs in your assets folder from the update panel in the 3d views sidebar

in the Addon Preferences

BatchUpdateDecalLibrariesPreferences import legacy libraries from the addon preferences, and batch update them directly too

Once you've updated your Decal libraries, you can proceed to the next page, to learn how to update Blend files using the previous Decals too.