Failed Asset Registration

FailedAssetRegistration Decal and Trim Sheet Libraries can fail to register for 3 reasons


Incompatible libraries do not match the version DECALmachine expects.
For instance DECALmachine 2.5 when run in Blender 3.0 expects libraries to be of version 2.5, whereas DECALmachine 2.5 run in Blender 2.93 still expects version 2.1.

BatchUpdate If incompatible librarias can be updated, the batch update tool will be shown as well.


Decals updated in Blender 3.0, whill show as incompatible in Blender 2.93, but can't be updated(or rather downgraded)!


Ambiguous libraries contain multiple version indicators. This should never happen and requires individual investigation.


Invalid libraries are folders in the assets location without any version indicatior.

Legacy Line Smoothing

LegacyLineSmoothing Use Legacy Line Smoothing in the VIEW3D section

With the switch in version 2.5 to utilizing the gpu module instead of the bgl module (due to its planed removal), any lines drawn by DECALmachine in the 3D view will be jagged.

To avoid this, you can enable Legacy Line Smoothing in the addon preferences. This will continue to work for as long as the bgl module is still supplied with Blender.