Quad Unwrap

shortcut DQ in edit mode

The Quad Unwrap tool is used to unwrap a selection in a rectangular way, that is suitable for Panel Trims.
Internally it is comprised of 3 different algorithms, that are chosen based on the selection.

For convenience the first algorithm used by Quad Unwrap, is also used by the Unwrap Trim tool when unwrapping Panel Trims.


  1. All-quad face selection
  2. Selection contains triangles or n-gons, but is one face deep
  3. Selection contains triangles or n-gons, but is multiple faces deep and is not cyclic

Keep in mind

It is highly recommended to work in a way, that your selections fit 1. or 2.
The 3rd allgorithm, always requires some post-work, and also doesn't work at all for cyclic selections.
Usually it's worth the effort to just temporarily remove or add edges, to ensure the selection is all-quad, then unwrap, then restore the original topology.

Using Quad Unwrap