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Slice is used to create a Panel Decal at the intersection of two objects.
Sliced Panel Decals, will keep their cutter object as a backup.


  1. Use the Adjust tool to change the material/type of exiting Panel Decals.
  2. When sliced, Panel Decals will use the default panel width defined in the pie menu
  3. The Adjust tool will also set this value automatically, when changing the width of a panel.


Two intersecting non-decal objects.


Default: Create floating Panel Decal
ALT: Topo Slice, follow target object's topology closely
SHIFT: Create smoothed Panel Decal
CTRL: Create subdivided and smoothed Panel Decal

Using Slice


If a sliced Panel Decal is selected, the Unwrap tool will appear in place of Slice in the Pie Menu.


Unwrap recreates the panel decal UVs and should always be run, after panel decal geometry has been changed manually.

Keep in mind

If you edit panel decals, make sure you keep them all-quad polygon strips.


Default: Unwrap all-quad Panel Decal
Alt: Unwrap + shrinkwrap all-quad Panel Decal