Trim Cut

shortcut DT in object mode

The Trim Cut tool cuts a Trim Decal into a mesh object.
Like Unwrap Trim it will create a Trim Sheet Material if necessary.


Trim Cut will not work with regular Decals, only with Trim Decals, because regular Decals are not associated with any Trim Sheet.


One or multiple Trim Decals


ALT: Keep Trim Decal object and hide, instead of deleting it

Using Trim Cut

Align Decal to Edge

shortcut DT in edit mode

Align to Edge is a tool created to be used in conjunction with Trim Cut.
It is used to align a Decal object exactly with the edge of a mesh object.


The Decal and the target mesh object first selected in object mode, then a Decal edge and a target mesh edge selected in edit mode, in that order.


Align to Edge will exit edit mode setup the conditions to run Trim Cut right after.
And so you can run both tools in sequence by pressing DTDT


My free MACHIN3tools addon has a similar, but more advanced variation of this tool in its Align Pie Menu