Match Material

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Decals in Blender are opaque and occlude the underlying surfaces and materials.
To integrate a decal and so create the illusion of surface detail, a Decal's material can be matched to other materials.


Info Decals cannot be material matched, because they don't imitate surface detail.

Keep in mind

Only Materials with a Principled BSDF shader node at the end can be matched.
Understand, that any nodes connected to the inputs of this shader will be ignored. Keep it to simple parameter based materials.


In addition to Principled BSDF materials, DECALmachine 2.0 can also match Trim Sheet materials, but only if the associated Trim Sheet doesn't have a Color/Metallic/Rouchness map.

TrimSheetShader Supplied Example Sheet

Material Components

Decal Materials have up to 3 components, each of which can be matched to another material.

GifMaterialComponents Simple, Subset and Panel Decal materials and their components


The Re-Apply tool also matches materials, but it only ever does so for the Material and Material 2 components.
Also, the same is done when bringing Decals into the scene.


Any number of Simple, Subset or Panel Decals.
Info Decals and non-decals among the selection will be ignored.

Using Match Material