Update Blend Files

DECALmachine 1.8-1.9.4 Decals

Blend files using Decals created in DECALmachine 1.8/1.9 need to be updated, to take advantage of the new Decal Material features and the new Decal Texture format.

The tool to update .blend files is located in the the Update Decals panel.


Blend files using Decals created in DECALmachine 1.4.2 or earlier can at this time not be updated. If you absolutely have to do this anyway, get in touch.


To Update .blend files, you have to update the decals used in those files first.

DECALmachine 2.0.x Decals

Blender 2.91 introduced the Emission Strength input on Principled BSDF nodes. This is fully supported in DECALmachine 2.1, even going back to Blender 2.83, but requires an asset updated.

The process to update .blend files containing Decals from version 2.0.x is identical to the one described above, just switch to the 2.0.x panel to do so.


Trim Sheet Materials created in 2.0.x can/will also be updated using the tool.

UpdateBlendFiles update .blend files containing 2.0.x legacy Decals and Trim Sheet materials from the update panel