• fix cropping of L images for decal creation
  • fix 2.82 exception when calling pie menu or quick insert



  • remove ability to create info decals from JPGs
  • redo image and font loading for decal creation, due to changes in 2.81
  • fix issues when creating EPanel edge-only object from decals
  • fix occasional decal creation crash in 2.81, when alternating between info decal creation from image and from font
  • fix uv issue Project tool, for non-English Blender versions
  • fix issue in Validate tool
  • fix exception caused by CTRL projecting with mirror mods present
  • fix potential issue in the Material Match tool
  • fix exception in Slice/EPanel/Gpanel, try to ensure the panel width is never 0



  • Add Bake tool
  • Add PanelCutting + RemoveMeshCuts tools
  • Add RemoveAllInstantDecals tool
  • Add new Example blend files
  • Select tool
    • support selecting all decals of the selected type
  • RemoveMeshCuts tool
    • add ALT selection(instead of removal) mode
  • Epanel tool
    • add SHIFT mode: mark edges as MESHCUT edges
    • add CTRL mode: delete edges immediately
    • add ALT mode: convert selection to edge-only object
      • can be combined with SHIFT or CTRL keys
    • support local view
    • automatically parent edge-only object
    • support single object selection, and option optional forced target
    • remove custom normals, if present
    • create backup object when run from object mode
  • ReApply tool
    • don't change blend_method when auto-matching material
  • Adjust tool
    • don't change blend_method when changing panel decal material
    • change blend method per decal-material, not per decal-type-material
  • InitGeneratedUVs
    • use non-evaluated mesh by default
  • DECALmachine panel
    • add EPanel to Tools section
  • fix issue with ReApply when used on projected decals with mirror mods
  • fix issue in Create when prefs.edit.use_enter_edit_mode is enabled
  • prevent issues in relation to decal type collections and multiple scenes
  • fix issue with DM's default material no being selectable in DM panel when Auto-Match is set to Material
  • fix redo issue due to poll being too strict in ClearDecalProps tool
  • fix faceidx out of range errors when panel decals have mirror mods



  • add EPanel tool
    • can be used on edge selection in edit mode or from edge object in object mode
    • in edit mode it's accessible from the context menu
  • add RemoveDecalOrphans tool
  • add ClearDecalProps tools
  • add InitGeneratedUVs tool
  • Create tool
    • add Batch (Info) Decal Creation
    • support local view
    • fix issue with Decal Creation using the Flatten Normals option in combination with existing custom normals
  • ReApply tool
    • add two-sided panel decal auto-material-matching
    • fix issue when reapplying/auto-material-matching projected decals
  • Match tool
    • draw panel side indicators
    • make DM default metal material matchable
  • Adjust tool
    • keep existing panel decal material matches intact when changing panel material/type
    • improve cursor screen wrapping
  • Project and Slice tools
    • clear residual custom normals on projected and sliced decals
  • Insert tool
    • make surface snapping optional when bringing decals into the scene
  • Pie Menu
    • avoid potential performance issue (on Windows only?)
  • remove Debug Panel and move its tools into Utils sectino of main DECALmachine panel
  • enable eevee material backface culling for decal materials to avoid flipped decals going unnoticed
  • avoid keymap conflicts between BoxCutter and DM, when either Pie is mapped to a different key
  • fix GPanel crash



  • Decal Defaults
    • add toggle for decal texture storage
      • pack: textures are saved in the blend (heavy blend files, that load everywhere)
      • unpack: textures are not saved in the blend (light blend files, that load on computers with the same decal asset folder)
    • can be (un)toggled at any time
  • Project tool
    • clear existing uvs and make sure the decal has only one uv map
    • make sure faces of projected decals have material index of 0, otherwise joining decals may mix up materials
    • fix issue when finding target
    • fix projection preview drawing being in xray in modal mode, due change in default Blender behavior
  • Slice tool
    • clear existing uvs and make sure the decal has only one uv map
    • improve direction vectors in default(float) mode
  • Insert tool
    • allow adding decals on evaluated geo (such as on mirrored parts of objects)
  • Pie Menu
    • increase panel width precision to 3
  • Preferences
    • fix broken decal asset libraries ui list, due to API change
    • update decal resource links
  • update matching of default-white material/None material
  • fix issue when removing old version and installing new one in the same Blender session
  • various raycast and performance improvements



  • fix Decal Creation issues, due to recent depsgraph changes



  • fix Slice not clearing materials, due to recent depsgraph changes



  • fix recent depsgraph issues
  • improve raycast and raycast performance



  • add GPanel
    • panel decal creation from grease pencil strokes
  • update PIL to 6.0.0
  • improve PIL installation
  • add extra, temporary debug output for decal creation, likely only related to Oscuart addon exception
  • fix material match issue introduced in Blender 8f71a84496a9/27d097e92d54 (May 13th)
  • fix raycast issue where decals were not aligned properly on modifier geometry



  • add optional update check
    • appears in pie menu once update is available
  • work around issue in Unwrap (alternative mode) and Decal Creation, due to open Blender bug
  • fix rare panel decal UV over or under stretching in Slice and Unwrap
  • fix Normal Transfer defaults not being enforced by Shrinkwrap
  • optimze addons check on preferences - about page



  • completely rewrite DM for Blender 2.80
  • redo Project tool, add new Shrinkwrap variation
  • redo Slice, add new super robust "float slice", massively improve "topo slice"
  • redo Instant Decal creation, add 3 new ways to create Info Decals inside Blender
  • redo pie menu completely, add sidebar panels
  • support unlimited decal libraries
  • add new raycast Decal insertion
  • add new Re-Apply tool
  • add new modal "Adjust-everything" tool
  • add new automatic material matching
  • add new scene-wide default settings
  • take full advantage of Eevee incl. real-time parallax
  • hide decal materials and textures
  • improve integration with GroupPro, Batch Ops, Hard Ops and MACHIN3tools



  • fix MACHIN3tools Shading Switch related decal transparancy issue



  • added ReconstructPanelCutter tool
  • added 'Remove Decal' property to ExtractSource tool, also clear parent
  • added Principled BSDF support to WStep()
  • added Edit/Commit Normal Source tool
  • exposed base material parameters in DM Preferences
    • adjusted decal materials according to those preferencess when inserting decals and when slicing
    • updated InitBaseMaterial() to take parameters
  • added MACHIN3tools Material Viewport Compensation support to InitBaseMaterial
  • added 'Remove Decal' property to ExtractSource as well as clear parent
  • added interpolation type selection to WStep properties
  • added option to allow hard edges to WStep, which adds 2nd DataTransfer and mask existing hard edges using a vertex group
  • added SufaceFix tool, Edit/Commit Surface Fix tool and Unlink tool(space bar menu only)
  • added threshold value to control duplicate vert removal in Material Cut
  • added option to mark edges Freestyle in Material Cut
    • added ConvertFreestyletoSeam and ConvertSeamToFreestyle operators (spacebar menu)
  • simplified DecalRotate into single operator for CW and CCW rotations
  • added axis option to DecalRotate in object mode
  • added higher quality decal textures of decals02_32 - decals02_37
  • inverted most supplied info decal textures to be white and set the invert slider in their decal materials to 0
  • updated MACHIN3shaders(unity3D) to include 'Blend Surface Normals' parameter and change info decal transparency to opacity
  • improved or re-added curvature in supplied panel decals textures
  • added 'Combine all-to-one' option to DECALBakeDown
  • added Assign Unique Materials option to Decal Exports
    • added "Treat Freestyle edges as seams" to export options, if Assign Unique Materials is turned on
  • added option to create 'DM_non-decals' group in ExportGroup for convenience
  • exposed atlas padding value to DM preferences
  • added 'Suppress Decal Name' option to DM create preferences for Batch Decal Creation
  • added 'Normal Alpha Tolerance' option to create preferences
  • improved batch decal creation sorting
  • updated color profiles in DECAL_create.blend for 2.79
  • fixed info decals creation issue in 2.79 where texture assignment and thumbnail generation would fail
  • fixed nrm_alpha map atlas quality issue when scaling decals in atlas or when using atlas downsampling
  • fixed issue with Match Material replacing materials of supplied decals with materials of custom decals
  • fixed exception in DECALexport when non-mesh objects are part of the selection
  • fixed exception where atlas could not be laid out due to missing texture
  • fixed exception and added warning in Panelize on closed meshes
  • fixed DecalProject uv issue when pivot was not set to bounding box center
  • fixed ExportGroup exception when blend file is saved to new name after atlas has been packed
    • prevent export group creation from going forward in this case and open the new export folder, so you can copy the json and png files over from the old one
  • fixed exception in export group creation when disabled mods on decals can't be applied
    • in case of M3_copied_normals mods being the issue, the export groups target object will be added as the normal source and the mod will be applied
  • fixed subtractor decal material input socket sorting
  • fixed slice tools showing up in pie in edit mode
  • fixed info decal shader(in MACHIn3shaders for unity) issue with metalness not working as expected with transparency



  • catch the most frequent errors resulting from improper installation and provide terminal output info about how to solve them
  • added GroupPro connection



  • rebuilt Match Material completely
    • added operator properties to match either Material or Subset or both (Material 1 and 2 in Panel Decals)
    • supports matching any of a target objects materials, by choosing a material socket id from the operator properties
    • supports matching Principled BSDF and Glossy BSDF shaders
    • avoids creating duplicate materials and finds existing materials that match the criteria
  • added Update Decal Nodes tool, to update scenes created before 2.79 to support Principled BSDF decals
    • runs automatically on pre 2.79 decals, dropped into a scene via the Asset Loaders
  • Decals created in 2.79 will use the Principled BSDF shader
  • removed Get and Set Material tools, as Match Material does the same now and does it better
  • Init Base Material initiates a Principled BSDF base material in 2.79
  • added filmic 2.79 support
  • added Topo Slice twist offset parameter
  • improved Panel Transition panel section selection logic
  • changed export triangulation quad method to FIXED
  • moved HOps fix over to HardOps - update to 'Hard Ops 0093 - Neptunium' to use DECALmachine 1.4.1
  • fixed export related issue with decals projected on material decals
  • fixed Remove Decal Mode for panel decal assets
  • fxxed Rotate Decal not working ing edit mode for some users
  • fixed MaterialCut and PanelTransition not working properly in 2.79
  • fixed issue with assetpaths resisting change
  • fixed Rotate UVs option not working for some users
  • fixed empty material slots issue in (W)Step



  • added consistent scale parameter to prefs, making the unit scale compensation optional
  • fixed wstep exception, when no HOps is installed
  • adjusted wstep behaviour for when no HOps is installed



  • created complete decal export pipeline
    • decal atlas creation
    • use existing atlas Solution
    • automatic decal UVs according to atlas packing
    • export targets:
      • Unity3D - MACHIN3
        • decal shaders: plain, textured, info, panels
      • Unity3D - bac9
      • Unreal Engine 4
      • Substance Painter
      • Sketchfab
      • Unpacked
    • bake decals down
  • added w-step - a custom vertex normal workflow
  • added float slice
  • added draw slice
  • added panelize tool
  • added keymap settings to preferences
  • added operator properties to the main tools
  • added automatic parenting of projections and slices to their targets, incl for decal- and cutter backups/sources
  • support scene scale/unit settings
  • added remove decal mode
  • improved material cut
  • keymapped gpencil pie to 'CTRL+D'
  • added win32 PIL, thanks to Jordan
  • fixed project and slice(panel_unwrap) to always remove existing uvs
  • fixed main DM pie, to only trigger object and edit modes
  • fixed issue with non-tangent base normal maps from instant decal creation
  • fixed black/dark ao issue in instant decal creation related to hidden geometry
  • fixed issue with remove duplicates replacing custom decals
  • fixed panel transition issue when panel strips were split



  • auto-set cycles and auto-switch to material view when inserting decals
  • fixed decal create exception when scene has no world
  • fixed panel unwrap exception when panel decal geo is hidden
  • fixed thumbnail rendering issue related to non-png file ending setting in render panel
  • added experimental, alternative PIL for linux
  • simplified Readme.md and Readme.html
  • added local copy of full documentation in ReadtheDocs format



  • fixed batch decal creation bug when encountering filename with illegal characters
  • fixed filmic related batch decal creation bug
  • added panel decal resolution options, useful for repeating elements in panel decals which require more length
  • clarified and extended installation instructions
  • switched CREATE_decal.blend to CPU rendering



  • 5 new panel decals
  • added Init Base Material tool
  • changed panel unwrap from EVEN to LENGTH, allowing for regular repeating patterns in paneling
  • added panel decal material choice for decal slice/knife
  • decal creation: added instant panel creation
  • decal creation: fixed info decal batch creation, when filmic is not installed
  • decal creation: improved alignment of decal plane to source geometry when baking
  • improved Asset Management check to make sure its activated before DM, before exposing AM related settings
  • decal creation: improved height map mid level adjustment
  • decal creation: added 'replace last' checkbox, to overwrite last decal of category
  • decal creation: exposed ao samples
  • decal creation: exposed height contrast and parallax value for finer depth control
  • added CustomDecals library for user created decals
  • added uv rotation support to decal rotate tool (in edit mode or image editor)
  • decal creation: fixed pink thumbnails with gaffer addon and similar
  • decal creation: fixed thumbnail resolution percentage



  • bug fix in relation to custom script paths being set but not used



  • added a warning on windows and macos, when trying to create decals using an unsaved blender scene



  • added custom addon path support, thanks Ted
  • switched the macos PIL to a precompiled version for python 3.5 instead of 3.6



  • dropped 2.77 support
  • new simplified decal creation guide
  • various cleanup and restructuring
  • new modal adjust decal height tool, replacing the old decal push and decal lift
  • decals with mirror modifiers already applied can now be projected properly
  • added DECALcreate pie menu
  • insert buttons above asset loaders for quick re-import of the last decal
  • simplified custom decal creation: batch decal creation and instant decal creation
  • added PIL python library requirement for automated processing and curvature map creation
  • 7 new subset decals
  • added the_box sample scene



  • version bump in addon meta data
  • additional info in the usage section of the readme, about the asset loader



  • 2.77 decal creation hotfix to solve exception in saving decal blend
  • no more unnecessary hiding of the original mesh when projecting on it



  • unpacked sample scenes
  • added addon preferences to allow switching of the native path or the AM library
  • decal_rotate always uses the active_element pivot now and sets it back to what it was before afterwards
  • inserted decals always move to the cursor location, with AM they'd only do this when nothing was selected
  • when using the built in asset loader, there won't be duplicate material instances with 0 users accumulating anymore as is the case with AM
  • decal slice should now always be able to assign the decal panel material, no more dependence on AM
  • safety checks for get_material and decal_project
  • added decal creation guide and improved Readme(html), no more missing line breaks under windows
  • added decal creation template files and helper scripts
  • merged decals03 with decals02, as they are both subset decals
  • default asset location in the addon folder, can be changed to use the AM library path, if you want
  • some pie menu restructuring for the asset loader, there are 4 previews for 4 decal categories now
  • added native asset loader, based on HOps tech, thanks guys!
  • file split and source restructuring
  • cleanup



  • added decals03 library category: decals based on Hard Ops assets
  • added sample assets: the crate, the barrel, the egg



  • initial release